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Used Equipment

Get Value for Your Money

If you like great bargains, then you have come to the right place. Stereoland in Windsor, ON also offers a selection of used audiovisual equipment at reasonable prices. This includes monitors and speaker systems.

Your Reliable Source for Used Equipment

As long as you have a reputable source, purchasing used equipment should not be a problem. At Stereoland, we offer the best deals on secondhand audiovisual equipment. You can be confident that the products we offer are thoroughly inspected and maintained by our technicians.

Available Equipment

Check out some of the used equipment that we have in stock:


Trade In

MicroMega CD20

SONY KHM 313 Drive-Analog Devices AD1853 DAC

8X Oversample-Signal to Noise <-100dB to 1kHz->100 dB to 1kHz Crosstalk


Only $999.00

Original box, remote, and manual

Music Hall MMF-CD25 CD Player

Phillips CDM 12 Transport

Burr-Brown 1732 24-bit/96kHz DAC

Original box, manual and remote



Make a worthwhile investment when you buy our secondhand equipment.
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