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Audiovisual Equipment

Stereoland takes pride in carrying the best audiovisual equipment in the industry. Our store in Windsor, ON offers a broad range of mid-to-high-end AV products that are manufactured by trusted and globally recognized companies.

Below are the brands we carry:

Build Your Dream Home Theater System

For more than 40 years, our home audio systems have always been the bread and butter of Stereoland. Come to us for the most innovative products that are available on the market today. It is time to start building the entertainment system you have always wanted.

We have a huge inventory of audio equipment for you to choose from. Our specialty products include a two-channel surround system. This is highly popular among our valued customers.

Our Team

Apart from our superior product line, we also have highly knowledgeable staff members who will handle all your requests. For instance, we can give you practical recommendations on which speaker systems best fit your requirements.

We are not just after the product sales. Many of our customers also rely on us for audio equipment repair services. From our technically proficient installers to our sales team members, Stereoland caters to all of your AV needs.

Visit our store or give us a call at 519-253-7206 if you want to learn more about our AV products.